It is safe to say that the future of the world right now lies in technology. If you look at where we were, technologically, 10 years ago you would realize that we have come a really long way. One can only imagine where we'll be in the next 10 years. Every-day new technologies are being brought to life and advancements are being made on the existing ones at a very high rate. The existence of brilliant minds in humans has even given birth to artificial intelligence that continues to amaze and help in creation along with advancements in new technologies. It would be interesting to be able to predict the future someday using technology.

Crypto and blockchain


Nobody predicted the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies and block-chain technology. Some years ago it was a form of digital currency that was new to most people. It had become infamous for being used for the illegal sale of drugs and even assassinations in the dark web but its value was still rising steadily. The moment crypto went mainstream its value skyrocketed and many could not handle their excitement with people investing heavily. There has always been an issue on the stability of crypto but with enterprises and small businesses coming into the picture, in crypto and block-chain, there seems to be renewed hope in the future of digital currency. There are even upcoming protocols like OneLedger that integrate block-chain with enterprises.


At the current rate of technological advancements, one can only imagine the ability or range of skills that robots will be possessing in the not too distant future. There are continuously growing fears that robots could someday replace people in industries and even offices. Could robots prevent you from getting your dream job one day? Let us just say that this is a question that will be dealt with when that time comes due to the fact that robotics and Artificial Intelligence are moving forward each minute. We still have to look at the positive aspects though and we realize that advancements in robotics will make the world a better place.

Robots and AI


The future of Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft (VTOL) or what the average Joe would call flying cars, is almost here. Flying cars have been a thing of science fiction for some time now but it seems they’ll be here sooner than we thought. Monumental research is being done and prototypes are underway for development as some technology companies or individuals look to capitalize on the business end when the time for flying cars arrives. There are even models being made of buildings that would have landing pads for VTOL. UBER, for instance, plans to launch it “Elevate” and make flying taxis in urban areas a reality by the year 2020. We are all eagerly waiting for our tech fantasies to become a reality.


Biotechnology and bioengineering have been extensively used in problem-solving and making products using living organisms. There are constant research and advancements in this field that even got many people seeing a possibility of limbs and other body parts being regenerated in medical procedures. The benefits will also be felt in the agricultural field and other industries, ensuring that there is enough and constant food supply for all. These advancements would even allow prevention of genetic or hereditary disorders that continue to plague many people. Though there are some cons that could arise for instance unpredictable side effects from gene manipulation, we still see the positive effects that biotechnology and bioengineering will have in the future.