CityIt is safe to say that the future of the world right now lies in technology. If you look at where we were, technologically, 10 years ago you would realize that we have come a really long way. One can only imagine where we'll be in the next 10 years. Every-day new technologies are being brought to life and advancements are being made on the existing ones at a very high rate. The existence of brilliant minds in humans has even given birth to artificial intelligence that continues to amaze and help in creation along with advancements in new technologies. It would be interesting to be able to predict the future someday using technology.

There is one technology that nobody had predicted its meteoric rise and that is crypto and block-chain. Some people are millionaires currently based on the small investments that they made in cryptocurrencies and block-chain a few years ago. Digital currency simply took everyone by storm with its rapid rise in value in the past few years or so. The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has an estimated market value of 131 Billion U.S Dollars currently. It’s safe to say a lot of money is being invested into crypto. At first, there were issues about its stability but with block-chain being integrated even with large enterprises, crypto is not going away any time soon.

Robots have been around for a very long time and are used to perform various tasks for use in industries to space expeditions with NASA. Despite their long existence, many people still want artificial intelligence to reach a point where a robot can do your house chores, or even babysit! This has led to many paranoid theories that robots could one day take over the world, and most of these fears are due to watching movies like Terminator, on a light note. In any case, advancements in robotics in the near future could be essential to the general economy of many countries.

Discussion on development of flying cars some decades ago was being branded as “crazy talk” by many but now it seems like a high possibility that people will be piloting their cars across cities in the near future. Flying cars would greatly change everybody’s lives and day to day transportation. There would be no more traffic congestions for hours in major cities. Deliveries would be made within short periods of time after ordering. Personally, I can’t wait to fly a car to work in the near future!

Advancements in bioengineering and biotechnology are certainly aimed at improving people’s health and allow them to lead better lives. With the ability to alter genetic modifications you cannot imagine how many conditions would be cured or prevented from transmitting to further generations. The field of agriculture is currently benefiting from biotechnology and in the near future, more mind-blowing advancements will be made.