Flying Cars

Flying Cars

The future is coming into our life so fast that most of us cannot follow all the latest trends. One of the most attractive ideas today is flying cars. Yet several years ago, just the idea of aeromobile seemed fantastic and was described in science fiction books, but not today — you can already buy the first commercial models.

Flying cars became a dream almost immediately after the cars with internal combustion engines appeared. By 1960, it was time, when many science fictionists thought it was handy to create an aeromobile. In the following decades, the interest was cooling down. Many engineers thought it was unreasonable economically, and therefore no one will be able to create such an ambitious project.

Why do we need flying cars

Flying cars are being developed today, first of all, because they have a real and urgent need. Flying transport simply allows unloading of the roads in large cities.

Today, developers are trying to change the technology, which has been popular for a long time. It's about helicopters.

A modern classic helicopter is not designed for use in urban environments. The best choice for the city is a small car without all these shortcomings, like PAL-V Liberty. And it's not surprising that more than ten of the world's largest companies are planning to release their versions of flying cars by 2022.

Which airmobiles exist at the moment

The company regularly present the working prototypes at different auto shows. And they are created not only by industrial giants but also by small start-ups.

One such small company is AeroMobil. The company creates a hybrid flying machine, capable to transform from an electric vehicle into an airplane in three minutes. The car accelerates to 160 kmph on earth and up to 360 kmph in the air. The car can cover on one charge up to 400 miles (about 645 kilometers). By 2020, developers are planning to increase the radius of the airmobile to 500 miles (about 805 kilometers). Approximate price of the machine is $1 million.

Of course, this car is not suitable to be used in the city. A much better option will be the three-wheeled PAL-V Liberty. It is a small and light electric device, which is well suited for maneuvering over streets. By the way, this model is already on sale. Its cost is $599,000.

The flying car by Terrafugia is also very interesting. Of course, the early model, Terrafugia Transition, also resembles a small aircraft with folding wings. The device can travel on roads, but for take-off, it needs a free strip.

But the model Terrafugia TF-X of the next generation does not need that. The car is equipped with two retractable engines on the wings. The motors can be moved from horizontal to vertical position. This allows you to take a vertical takeoff and land any free space. In the back of the body, there is another powerful propeller pushing the aero-car forward. The release date of Terrafugia TF-X has not yet been announced, but the estimated price of an airmobile will be $300,000.

The flying cars are too expensive and not very popular yet. However, they are all the chances to take their niche in the nearest future. Do you believe in that?